Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What do we want? INSTANT GRATIFICATION! When do we want it? Erm.....

You know what it's like. You eat the right foods, you want to see the results. You want to know that the positive choices you made through the week had an equally (or greater) positive effect on your weight. You want to literally see the pounds come off, preferably with a little post - it note to say where on your body this week's weight was lost from. 'I'll have 3lb off the ass this week please'.

So when the right choices are made through the week, the effort is put in, and the scales say 'nah, not this week sunshine' you feel let down, cheated. You want to sit in your comfy chair and demolish the kitchen. Unfortunately my kitchen is pot luck right now after my daughter thought it would be a great idea to take all the labels off the tins in the cupboards. It could be custard, could be chickpeas. It could be baked beans, could be beluga caviar (ok tuna).

I have a tendency to spend hours/days dissecting a gain week or a maintain week if I think I have earned a loss. And in doing so I tend to ignore the week I'm actually in! This means a lack of planning, eating crap, a bigger gain and the start of another cycle.

So this week, despite a maintain yesterday, I am going to put the last week behind me, forget about it,  write it off, and head forwards looking for a loss next Tuesday that will make me feel happy. 80 lbs should do it!

It always fascinates me how people treat food,and react to food differently. For some food is simply something that keeps them alive, nothing more, nothing less. For others food can elicit a range of emotions. Potatoes. Potatoes make me cry. Well, the two tins did when they feel out of the cupboard and landed on my head!

Oh, one more thing before I finish. I figured out why I maintained this week. Turns out I'm carrying 6 lbs of fucking awesome!!!!!!


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Speed, gimme what I need!

Don't know how long it's been since my last post, i just know it's been far too long. So how has my weight journey gone since my last post? Well let's just say that before my last post i was completely familiar with eating on plan, and since my last post I'm completely familiar with eating off plan, to disastrous levels! In truth I managed to gain all of the weight I originally lost. But, and by this point it's a huge butt, ( see what I did there?) I kept on going to class, because if I hadn't I would have gained so much more than what I originally lost, with possibly dire  consequences.

I've had losses and gains, more losses, more gains and it's gone on pretty consistently like that really. Sometimes i have felt right on it, in the zone, other times its felt like I haven't got the foggiest what I was doing.

So now I'm 3 years down the line from where I started with a total weight loss that doesn't warrant talking about, but compared to the possible alternative I'll take it.

So let's come up to date. Last week I had a 1lb loss. Hadn't eaten particularly well but just well enough to get a loss. My usual consultant was on a short break so our stand in consultant, a complete fruit loop  (love you really Paula ) was in attendance. Now how many of you will admit that you have sat in class on at least one occasion and had everything simply wash over you, like the lights are on but nobody is at home. I have. But for some reason last week was different.

Bananas. I like bananas. Apparently our stand in consultant does too. Bananas are what she was talking about. More specifically it was the fact the she liked lots of them. But, yes another huge butt!, while they are free they aren't a speed food and so her weight losses were relatively slow.  Funny that, I like bananas, more than 1, and my weight losses are slow. 1lb per week slow. Don't get me wrong there were many reasons for a 1lb loss, this was more about the speed food.

Checking through the book at the stuff I tended to eat, and very little of it was speed food. Hmmm. Could I make enough changes to have a sizeable effect on my weight loss for this week? So that's what I set out to do. As much speed or superspeed food as possible with every meal, and for snacks in between.

The result?  A 9 lb loss! Oh yeah. Rocked it this week! Posted a really simply tweet.
'@SlimmingWorld Last week 1 lb off. Hit the speed and #superspeed this week, 9 lb off. Thanks Slimming World.'
It went nuts. Within seconds Slimming World had retweeted it, then consultants, then members, then everyone was favouriting it. Then everyone was replying to it to get my food diary for the week. My consultant had been after one of them from me for years so there's little chance of that.

But I thought I would resurrect this blog as a way to try and remember what meals I have eaten and then share this.


Egg, chips and mushy peas
Add some onion and mushroom for extra speed

Omelette and beans
Load the omelette with onions, peppers, mushrooms and courgettes. Nice for breakfast.

Pulled pork and wedges
Add speed veg. Replace bun or tortilla with Aramanth (Chinese leaf), a speed food itself

Pasta bake
Loaded with speed veg and chopped tomatoes as the sauce base

Jacket Potato
Top with beans or tuna & sweetcorn to add speed food to it.

Add things like pickled onion and/or beetroot to a meal for more speed food.

Replacing bananas and grapes with strawberries, satsumas, pineapple etc.

Basically every single meal had some element that was speed or superspeed. And it made all the difference.