Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What do we want? INSTANT GRATIFICATION! When do we want it? Erm.....

You know what it's like. You eat the right foods, you want to see the results. You want to know that the positive choices you made through the week had an equally (or greater) positive effect on your weight. You want to literally see the pounds come off, preferably with a little post - it note to say where on your body this week's weight was lost from. 'I'll have 3lb off the ass this week please'.

So when the right choices are made through the week, the effort is put in, and the scales say 'nah, not this week sunshine' you feel let down, cheated. You want to sit in your comfy chair and demolish the kitchen. Unfortunately my kitchen is pot luck right now after my daughter thought it would be a great idea to take all the labels off the tins in the cupboards. It could be custard, could be chickpeas. It could be baked beans, could be beluga caviar (ok tuna).

I have a tendency to spend hours/days dissecting a gain week or a maintain week if I think I have earned a loss. And in doing so I tend to ignore the week I'm actually in! This means a lack of planning, eating crap, a bigger gain and the start of another cycle.

So this week, despite a maintain yesterday, I am going to put the last week behind me, forget about it,  write it off, and head forwards looking for a loss next Tuesday that will make me feel happy. 80 lbs should do it!

It always fascinates me how people treat food,and react to food differently. For some food is simply something that keeps them alive, nothing more, nothing less. For others food can elicit a range of emotions. Potatoes. Potatoes make me cry. Well, the two tins did when they feel out of the cupboard and landed on my head!

Oh, one more thing before I finish. I figured out why I maintained this week. Turns out I'm carrying 6 lbs of fucking awesome!!!!!!


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