Thursday, 3 November 2011

And so it begins......

So the subject of a blog was joked about in class on Tuesday (makes it sound like school calling it 'class', mind you, calling it 'session' makes it sound like therapy!!).....

So the subject of a blog was joked about in session on Tuesday...... and I thought 'well, what the hell, let's do one. Might be kind of to get the mind off therapy!!!!!!!!

Did consider calling the blog Miss Slinky but that would have raised far too many questions and probably end with me needing know what I mean!

Well I'm 10 months into losing weight now, give or take a week, having started in January and to be honest I would have liked to be further on than I am, and though I have been further on than I am after 2 gains in 2 weeks I would have liked to be further on than that as well. 5st in 10 months should have been pretty achievable if I'm honest with myself. And I want to be frank, but my parents called me Paul so I will just have to deal with that....

But looking at the glass half full, well its more a quarter full at this point actually, I'm nearly 4st lighter than when I started in January and for me that's a big deal. Sometimes it doesn't feel like I've lost nearly 4st and the mirrors are still less than complementary, they suggest I put clothes back on or risk harpooning!

But 4st is 4st and losing got me out of the 30st bracket and into the 20st bracket....just. So onwards from this point. I need to reverse 2 big gains in 2 weeks, that's the immediate aim. Whether I can do it in 1 week is questionable, I've come pretty close in the past, but its still a big challenge. Wonder if I'd get a sticker for it.......hmmmmm.

So the immediate challenge is an 11lb loss in 1 week, and the immediate method is a completely syn-free week. That in itself isn't too hard to accomplish, its all about planning and variety. They say variety is the spice of life, but I thought ground cinnamon was the spice of life, certainly gives my porridge some life anyway. I once suggested to the wife that we should introduce some variety into the bedroom, but it didn't work. My rendition of 'My Way' was apparently off key and the neighbours in the apartment below complained about the banging on the floor; well what did they expect with someone of my size doing Riverdance!! Some people just have no idea.

Where was I......oh yeah, variety. Its very easy to eat the same 'safe' foods all of the time, buts its also very easy to get bored rather quickly too...bored yet? So putting variety into what I eat is a must. Planning is a must for me aswell. If I don't plan I'm pretty much guarenteed to fail. So I have to plan variety! An interesting mix I might add. See what I did there? Mix.....variety.....I'll get my coat :(

To get back on track this week its more planning than variety though. When I get bored I will eat anything; bread, sweets, anything that I know will put weight on me. So this week is back to basics, simple planned food and lots of it. For 2 weeks despite preaching about eating lunch I haven't been practising it myself. And I'm pretty sure that's been part of the problem, not to mention the lack of fruit or the frozen curly wurlys, no they weren't the problem at all.

So planning. 3 proper meals, 2-3 snack times, 4 nap times.....I'm surprised I have time to write this, never mind get any work done. So I decided to combine the two and write my blog while I'm working. Its kinda risky, not the writing itself or getting caught by the boss, more so the fact that while I'm typing I'm not really concentrating on my work, and the passengers on my bus keep screaming for some reason which is really off-putting. I mean its an automatic bus! It almost drives itself! Come on people!

So where was I again, oh yeah planning. Checked the freezer, lots of different coloured meats in there. Must learn to label the freezer bags! Meals planned out for the week. Can't go wrong. No temptations, no distractions, nothing ahead that can ruin my plan....I feel like a cartoon movie villain 'my plan is coming together mwahahahaha'. So now its just knuckle down and get on with it for the week. And trust that next Tuesday at Slimming World I get a nice loss to bring me back on track.

But if it all goes wrong does anyone know the number for a good therapist?


  1. Loving it, quality read!!!!!! I feel a scratch and sniff coming on .......

  2. great job Paul.

    Ok, so you go two steps forward and one step back but you are still one step further then you were beforehand.

    You will get there Paul.

  3. Good first post, look forward to following the blog. I have one too and have been on Slimming World since January and lost 4 stone 5lbs and like you wish it was more but as you said it's still lighter than at the beginning of the year. Good luck this week.

    I always find having a few syns a day works better than syn free and have a better loss if I work syns into my meals using sauces or things that have a small syns value like Tesco meat free burgers (1/2 syn each) rather than using syns on snacks such as chocolate and crisps.