Sunday, 6 November 2011

Where did the weekend go?

I like weekends. Weekends are a time to relax, to lay in bed a bit longer, maybe do a bit of geocaching, and generally to do things at a slower pace (have you seen how slow I drive a bus? Cant get much slower, but I try). So why is it the last few weekends have been experienced at 500 miles per hour?

I was all set to enjoy the weekend at an easy pace. The meals were planned. It was a perfect Slimming World weekend. And then I hear from my daughter 'Dad, can you pick me and my friends up from the cinema?' and from my son 'Dad, after that can we go to the cinema as well?' and dont forget its Guy Fawkes night so 'Can we go and see a fireworks display as well in the evening?' So there went the weekends planning. Instead it was lunch at Subway (never realised till now just how tasteless some of their stuff it, cardboard has more flavour) and dinner was at the Derby Pool. Syn free options when eating out are limited at best. One option is simply not to eat, its syn free but not overly enjoyable. The other option is to seriously scan the menu looking for the healthiest option. In some cases eating the menu itself is probably the healthiest option, but with a bit of perseverance it was still possible to eat out syn free. Plenty of chicken was consumed, so much so I fear I am likely to start laying my own eggs!

One of the things that bugs me about eating out though, Im not talking restaurants here but places like pubs and lunch type places, is the lack of options when it comes to drinks. Have you ever noticed in corner shops, supermarkets, lunch places etc the only chilled diet drinks you can get are pepsi or coke? Check it out next time you go to get yourself a drink from a shop. Apparently the majority of the UK only drinks diet coke, or diet pepsi. Bit of a bummer if you dont like either of them really isnt it! Think from now on I am going to start taking my own drinks along. That'll be sure to make them happy!

So Tuesday is approaching and Tuesday means weigh in day. Even after nearly a year at Slimming World I still get nervous when it comes to weigh in.
Have I done enough to lose this week?
Will I get a number I am happy with this week?
Will I get a weight loss I deserve this week? (sometimes this one and the last one are NOT the same number, sometimes they arent even the same side of zero!)
But this week I know I have at least been behaving myself. No weight loss naughty step for me this week. Still 100% syn free so far with no reason not to continue that through to Tuesdays weigh in. And I have a head start this week. Haircut! All that hair had to weigh at least 7lbs I think!! What? No chance? But why? Might need all the help I can get this week!! Come on, work with me people.

Yesterday out of the way, today is the day of relaxing it was supposed to be. Blog written (nearly), Sunday dinner is in the oven, more chicken, told you Im going to be laying eggs soon!!! Plenty of relaxing with a bit of cooking for next weeks meals aswell.

Changing the subject slightly, it was great to see classes like Slimming World finally getting the recognition they deserve in the national media this week with the news that they are cheaper and more effective than the NHS alternatives. If you have never been to one of the NHS courses they are hideously boring and completely pointless. So well done to Slimming World on your recognition for helping thousands of people lose weight.

Right, bring it on Tuesday, let me see what ya got!


  1. Although I am thoroughly enjoying your fantastic blog, there's not much mention of the Miss/Mr Slinky it up though, its ace!!!!!!

  2. Mention depends on how many votes I get on Tuesday haha