Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Calling the bluff

So my first weigh in since starting this blog was last night. I had given myself a tough challenge by wanting to lose 11lbs, more than I have ever lost before in a single week. Optimism isn't the right word, I think lunacy covers it better. But as much as I had more chance of sprouting wings I was going to be rather cross with the scales if I didn't get the 11lb.

The scales and I are no longer on talking terms until they apologise to me.

An 8lb loss is not to be sniffed at and to be honest is a fair result for the week. Although my meals were syn-free (and in some cases taste-free) for the full week, bar 1 syn in a doner meat lunch, I simply haven't exercised as much as the summer where I had 9 and 10lb loses. Walking to work at 7am in the freezing cold is not quite my idea of fun, so I have decided I am far too important (lazy) to walk to work now and have instructed Mrs Slinky to chauffeur me to work each and every morning. Unfortunately this still means that I am expected to make my own way home in the cold and the damp and the wind.
Going for some sympathy here folks!!
I have decided that I need to replace the walking with some indoor based exercise, somewhere warm and comfortable, something that I can maybe do with my wife, something that we can enjoy together. I thought long and hard about it. Then I came to the decision.

Wii Tennis!!!! 

What else did you think I was talking about?

Ive been asked to explain the whole 'Mr Slinky' thing. So, at Slimming World last week we were told by our consultant extraordinaire Judy that we would be voting for a Miss Slinky for the class. Now Miss Slinky would quite obviously be open only to the female members of the class. Blatant sexism if you ask me! So a complaint was duly lodged vocally and it was from there suggested that maybe if I went to class wearing a tutu I would be eligible for the Miss Slinky award. It was then suggested that I should start a blog titled Miss Slinky. Well the blog kinda became Mr Slinky............
Separated at birth?

........but I sure as hell went to class this week wearing a tutu!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eligibility for Miss Slinky 2011 award, SORTED! Needless to say it raised a laugh or two, but thats ok, Im here to entertain.
**WARNING: This is NOT an invitation for further wardrobe suggestions!!**
So there you go, now you know why the blog is called Mr Slinky.
Wonder if the tutu weighed 3lb? Judy, can I have 3lb for the weight of the tutu added to my weight loss for this week? Its purely coincidental that the 3lb would take my weight loss to the 11lb I was looking for, honest!

With the weight loss back on track now, its time to get more of it off and at a steady pace instead of the whole rollercoaster thing I have done over the past couple of months. Ive got a target sorted for January of where I want to be. Barbados I think. Easier to walk to work in the morning there!

And finally......
I had cause to visit my doctor the other day, as something had appeared around my middle that had started to concern me. After a short examination the doctor declared it was in fact a waist. I was so excited, I haven't seen one of those since Frankie said 'Relax'!

And thats your lot for this one. More at the weekend.

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