Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Back to reality!

The observant ones among you might have noticed the lack of a weekend posting to the blog. Award yourselves 10 house points. This was caused by a temporary and painful lumbar failure in yours truly. I was sat on the sofa with Mrs Slinky enjoying a delightful Sunday morning when I decided it was time to go and get ready for a busy afternoons walking in the fresh air while Geocaching.

As I manouvered off the sofa (much in the same way that a ship manouvers out of a harbour, slow and steady) I felt the uncomfortable and unsettling 'twang' sensation in my lower back. Not good, thought I. Indeed it wasn't, stuck in bed until yesterday afternoon with barely a movement to prevent more pain shooting across my back.
2 days off work: good.
2 days bedbound: bad.

However, with all this new found spare time on my hands I thought I would use it wisely and spend it on the laptop writing my blog...... No, the keyboard decided it didn't want to play my game and refused to work properly. Have you ever considered the amount of times you use the letter 'o'? Not good when it doesn't work. Or should I say 'nt gd when it desnt wrk'. See what I mean? So how, you may ask, am I writing this blog entry? Phone, simple as that, phone.

The weekend wasn't all bad. Saturday I had cause to go shopping for jeans and boots, work boots I must add before you all start thinking about alternative wardrobe choices again. But we will get to that in a minute.

We all guage our weight loss in different ways. For some its simply the pounds and ounces at class. For others it might be inches, measuring the arms, thighs, chest, waist, that kind of thing. Some will do it with exercise, how far can they run,walk before needing the assistance of an oxygen mask and defib kit. Some of us will do it by dress size, or trouser waist size for the men, and in my case tutu size!  But we all have our own way of guaging our own weight loss. And its a personal thing. This is where the clothes shopping comes in by the way.

So off I went to market for a pair of jeans and some new workboots. My jeans were now a bit on the large side, in truth you could fit two of me in them. But my jeans we also my ONLY jeans. So off we went. Jeans bought without much drama (1 size or 2 inches smaller than the last ones). Then it was off for the workboots. Something sturdy and warm to get me through the winter. Into the workboots shop, 'size 11 please'. They don't fit. Eh? That can't be right. Try them again. No chance. Well I was expecting body changes but this? My feet have grown! Yes grown! In January when I decided I wanted to shift the weight I didn't mean shift it to other parts of my body! How the hell at 36 years of age do my feet grow a complete size!
Needless to say my wife is absolutely thrilled with my new foot size.
You really are a dirty minded lot.
No she was happy because with the bigger shoes, if ever the local area floods we now have something to use as life-rafts!

Yesterday was weigh in day at Slimming World but of course being stuck in bed meant I wasn't able to attend. Missed out on a taster session as well. Not very impressed with that. But I feel lighter so I'm going to put this week down as another loss I think!

And finally...
A blog viewer commented on the picture I posted in the last blog and asked which one I was. Is it not obvious? I'm the one with the silly smile!

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